Ok, this has been a weekend of many ups and downs, so lets run them down together:

Up: Friday afternoon was met with ChemKeg, dinner with friends, and the watching of several Disney movies.
Down: I had a whole lot of reading to do on friday, which did not get done.

Up: Saturday I bought an iPad, groceries, and a few other essentials
Down: My bank account shrank significantly

Up: Saturday night some other first years held a fantastic party, and I played several rounds of the game “stump.”
Down: I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 6:30 in order to…

Up: ROAD TRIP to Yosemite national park with five friends. We drove, drank coffee, sang songs and generally had an awesome time all the way to the park, where promptly…
Down: My beloved Ford Taurus’s transmission died, on a hill, in the middle of a road with no shoulder. Soon though…

Up: I caught a ride with an awesome German couple to the ranger station and got my car towed.
Down: We had to wait a long time to actually get to the campsite.

Up: Once there, we had a fantastic time that included swimming, a campfire, some “interesting” neighbors with a taser, and a late night of great conversation.
Down: Sadly… for SOME reason, I just couldn’t sleep that well and woke up at 5:30.

Up: I got to watch the sun come up by the river in Yosemite valley! Fantastic!
Down: I had split from my friends to get my car towed to Modesto. They would take the train, which I would get on in Modesto.

Up: I met the coolest tow truck driver of all time: Tom. What a stand up guy. I could write a whole post about this guy.
Down: I missed my train in Modesto. At the time, we also had been told it was the last train of the day.

Up: That was totally false! I caught the train, met some interesting folks, and met up with my friends in Emeryville for dinner.
Down: Remember that reading I had to get done….? Neither did I.


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