It’s baseball season! I’m pretty pumped to check out some games in the Bay Area. Fortunately, we have both the Giants and the Athletics, and on Wednesdays you can get super cheap tickets to the A’s games for about $2.

To celebrate, check out this awesome color footage from the 1939 World Series.


It kind of astonished me that we could look back and see life in 1939 in color. Of course, as I just learned, that technology had already been around for 20 years! So I went on a little YouTube hunt to see what else is out there. There is a lot of color film from the WWII era out there, but less from earlier on. Regardless, you can still find lots of footage from the previous decades. My favorite short clip is this screen test of Clara Bow throwing a fish!

Lastly: Ten minutes of really quality color shots of London in the 1920’s it’s definitely worth watching, though you might want to put on some music to accompany it!

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