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Now it’s real

An imposter no more: I’m definitely a graduate student now! Before, I wasn’t so sure, but now I know. I’ve just had a major milestone in my academic career over the past week. I took my first two exams in graduate level courses, and came through still swinging on the other side. Another major milestone in my life happened this morning: I got a C on a test (and a low one at that). Now before you unleash the flood of sympathy (I realize most of you are, by this point, searching for your “world’s smallest violin” that you bought years ago and have been saving for exactly this occasion) let me interject that I am totally ok with this! Sure, I would have been happier with an A. Who wouldn’t after all that studying? Seriously though… I came, I survived, and I STILL feel like jumping right back into my studies and adding a whole new level of complexity and work to my life. That last bit, my friends… THAT is how I know finally, for real and for keeps that grad school is for me.

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