At both ends

It’s been a very busy weekend for me, and it’s not over yet. But first, Id’ like to do something different. For your listening pleasure, I have included a playlist of songs that I’m listing to this morning. So listen along with me if you like (It will open in a new tab):
Sunday Morning Playlist Click here, then click ‘Play All.’

This weekend my sister, brother-in-law, and their kids came to the Bay area for a brief visit en route to Hawaii. We spent an evening in Berkeley, and a whole day in San Francisco doing some touristy things: riding the cable cars, chinatown (including the fortune cookie factory and a bit of dim sum), and Grace Cathedral (which was particularly stunning). However, the best part of this trip was by far renting bicycles and riding them from Fisherman’s wharf up to and on to the Golden Gate Bridge. The sky was clear, and just about the best weather we could expect for January. After a return to Berkeley and a nice dinner you would think I would be done for the night. …. But no.

The “next level” for the night was preparing for this morning’s brunch. In partnership with the skillful Daniele Monahan, I managed to put together a presentable looking spanakopita for brunch this morning (Pro-tip: you don’t need to pre-heat the oven to 350 when you aren’t planning on baking your dish for another 10 hours at a different house…)

Anyways, the time is just about nigh to bake that beast… so here’s wishing everyone has a wonderful day… and continue to enjoy the tunes!

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