Ok, groundbreaking observation here:

Sometimes in life, you have to do things you don’t like in order to get things you DO like. Therefore a sampling related to my day’s activities, and feel free to contribute your own:

Like: Being awake – Dislike: Getting out of bed

Like: Cooking – Dislike: Grocery shopping

Like: Onions – Dislike: Cutting Onions

Like: Eating meat – Dislike: Cooking meat – Extreme Dislike: Browning ground beef or sausage!

Like: Cleanliness – Dislike: Taking time to actually clean

Like: Owning things – Dislike: spending money

Like: Teaching – Dislike: Grading

Like: Driving – Dislike: Parking

Like: Coffee – Dislike:  ……  …. Dislike: ….. ummmm…….


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  1. Greetings! If you want, you can check out MY first attempts in the blogosphere at or

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