First Day

Well, I survived day 1! Today wasn’t exactly a challenge scientifically, since I haven’t started any experiments yet, but it had plenty of other exciting challenges. These included reading procedural documents, filling out forms, trekking back and forth around campus for various things, and managing to get attacked by my own lunch.

Also, I learned how NOT to make friends with the people who work at the transit station…

I’m a little tired this evening, but still excited. Today’s real challenge was dealing with the nerves, and gaining the confidence I need to be successful here. For a while now I’ve been really preoccupied with the fact that many of my fellow students are much more prepared for this program than I am. However, today I realized that it doesn’t help me at all to dwell on this. So today’s watchwords for success are these (borrowed from another grad student): The only way I’m leaving this place without my Ph.D. is if they kick me out. In that spirit, I’m going to strive every day to give them a reason to do no such thing!


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