Movin’ right along.

New Blog:

This is the first step on a brand new journey! One sure to be filled with excitement, new experiences and a good measure of anxiety. I’ve promised (to a fair number of folks) that I will keep in touch, letting people know how things are going in my life. This new blog is my best attempt at that. Tomorrow I journey to the strange and wondrous land that is California. This is also my attempt to organize my thoughts, share my conquests and woes, and seek help when I need it. I’ve called this blog “The Ring Stand” because in chemistry, a ring stand is a piece of equipment that provides safety and support for an experiment. The next 5 years of my life in Berkeley are going to be something of a major experiment in my life. It is my hope that this blog, and the community of friends that read it, will also serve to support me as I travel on paths yet untrodden and through perils unknown. Anyway, enough with the introductions, save to say that you should feel free to leave comments on any of my posts (especially if I’m being ridiculous and you want to point that out!)

The Road Ahead:

The most pressing business in my life right now is the journey of the next few days. Here’s the gameplan:

Day 0 (today): panic, start blog, say goodbye to friends and family

Day 1: Drive to Eugene, OR via I-5 (about a 5 hour drive)

Day 2: Take the scenic US 101 from Eugene to Walnut Creek, CA (about 11 hours)

When I arrive, I’ll be staying with the wonderful Clarke family while I wait to start my lease at an apartment in Berkeley. I want to publicly acknowledge how awesome their hospitality is, and how thankful I am to have a place to stay when I arrive.

The most important factor of my road trip though, is the awesome tunes I get to listen to on the way. Thanks to all my friends who recommended songs for my ultimate journey to California playlist! I’ve got about 3 hours of music planned, so if anyone has any last minute song suggestions, please send them to me via facebook!



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2 responses to “Movin’ right along.

  1. platinum child

    treasure all the special mom-ents!

  2. Lydia

    A good beginning…

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